Jun. 6th, 2009

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6th June........... and I'm glad it's raining, it simply wouldn't be right today if it wasn't. I'm looking out of my window, and it's cold, windy and blustery, the rain has soaked the ground and is pooling the earth into sodden puddles of mud.
My mind is back with the boys in the landing craft, the fields of Rommels asparagus and  barbed wire to surmount, that's if they even managed to get through the long wade through the water and onto the beach itself. It's with the rangers at Pont Le Hoq the long climb up the cliff face, only to be faced with huge guns and fortified housings. I'm trembling and scared in the silent coffin of a Horsa glider, waiting for the crash landing to the firefight on pegasus bridge.
I made the trip last year, I talked with the ghosts on Omaha, listened to the stories that the dead men told, wandered through the cemertaries at Bayeux and Colleville-Sur-Mer, read the inscriptions and stood in solemn silent as the flags were lowered at sunset. I walked the beaches at Arromanche and wondered amazed at the feat of engineering that put the hulking mulberry harbours together. I took my kids and taught them about love, loss and human sacrifice and hoped for a better future.
Today the rain cries tears of rememberance and I WILL remember them.


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