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Clent in silhouette
The sun takes a final bow
Backlit in orange

Chasing baby fish
As they hide in daughters tank
Slip behind tall weeds
The breeding tank bobs gently
As I lure them to safety

Nadia Billingham 2009
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iPod is frozen
Teenager starts to panic
Mother simply smiles
Pray to the Goddess Google
Menu plus centre the fix

Squawking not chirping
Is the song of two small birds
Tranquil, I think not!

Nadia Billingham 2009
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No time for haiku
Busy week sucks away time
Two days to catch up

Cable Man Cometh
Cleaning bedrooms at dawn
Dust bunnies chase me
With swords made of my sloth
I hide behind denial
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Icing sugar falls
From a pale bleached bone white sky
Pollution or snow?

Last day before school
Washing tub works overtime
Swirling uniform
And a white karate gi
The stain of my laziness

Nadia Billingham 2009
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Woken in the night
Passion dark takes my soul
Fever stokes his fire

A New Year morn brings,
Hope like an innocent child,
The daughter sleeps on,
Warm and safe well past the dawn,
Beautiful in her repose.

I so need to exercise these brain cells, they have atrophied for far too long, and writing is a passion that I have missed. So I will aim to write at least 3 times a week as above and to attempt at least one museteaser a week.
Lets see if we can awake the muse from her slumber.


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