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I am looking forward to tonight, it's Sophie's annual carol concert (although this is a loose term), at the local church, Holy Trinity at Wordsley. OK going to church is not my thing,  as it's not my religion of choice but I can't deny the magic of lots of children in a church singing thier socks off. I know I shall cry happy tears, and that I shall sing my own heart out on the community songs, despite the subject there is power in the notes that are sung in happiness.
Sophie is in the choir this year and apparently she is singing some kind of solo albeit it only one line, she says it feels important to her, and as her Mom I shall have a big grin of joy on my face when she sings that line.
We are walking down to the church, and as is traditional we shall stop at the fish and chip shop opposite the church and walk back with chips in the cold night air, and warm up with hot coffee and hot chocolate when we get in.......
It's a real family evening, a real start to the month, and just what I needed today............
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Sophie is a bit upset right now, so any hugs or cuddles you want to send would be appreciated. She just went upstairs and found her hamster Nibbles dead.......
It was just lying by the wheel, she was fine this morning, and running happily round the cage, but she was very old for a hamster, 2 and a half, and was very active. More than likely her little hamster heart gave up on her. Sophie has known for awhile that she was very old, but nevertheless despite trying her best to be brave she is rather upset.
Just waiting for Nev to get home so we can sort everything out...... *sighs*


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